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Alicia is a survivor of Drohobycz Poland, now the Ukraine.
Her life story is recounted by her in a booklet (provided upon email request), in which she tells how she was saved by her then boyfriend Poldeck Weiss and of the murder of her family.

This page shows two of her Holocaust inspired paintings painted some years after the War. Memories of the loss of her close family did not fade and were sharp in her mind. Her continuing paintings show a new calmer side but her loss is never far from her mind as the Holocaust series is exhibited each year  to remember and never never forget or indeed forgive those who could do such things to others.

If you wish to host such an exhibition please contact Alicia via the email address on the contact page.

The overriding theme of her post-Holocaust art is love. You will notice her signature cup and heart in the pictures painted years after the Holocaust series.

This painting is called 'Mother and Child'.

Painted after the loss of her whole family, it depicts the loss in War that should never happen if there was true love in the world.

Below:  'The Parting'  symbolizes the loss of all the members of her  family.

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